Offering 360 Branding services to companies and individuals who have a story to tell through their websites. Having professionals and passionate designers hired in our diligent team, we serve to build exactly what the client demands.
It’s your story written by our hands.

designdepart Facts

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona


500+ team members and growing!

#748 on Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies

Our CoreValues

Being Diligent

To us, our work must be done in a way that does not defy it from its core purpose and integrity. The team focuses on producing outcomes relying on hard work and passion and maybe that is why we deliver the best in the market.

Being Communicative

Keeping the entire team up to date with the work going on is not our only priority. We keep the clients in the loop to ensure that no time and efforts are wasted nor the client ends up dissatisfied.

Being Creative

Artistry and Aesthetics are some of our targets when we are in process of developing a project. It is easy to get ahead of what the customer primarily demands but our creative’s team knows how to keep it innovative.

Being Efficient

Delivery of tasks right before the deadline is not our goal. Instead, our team wants to do it way before than that. The quality of our projects are never compromised because of the known efficiency of our work.

Being Focused

Our aim is never diverted. We began with the motive to provide high quality marketing and branding services and no department diverts its endeavors to elsewhere than to serve our customers.

Our Vision

Envisioning the ultimate goal to become the top-of-mind digital agency to brand any kind of company or service, our goal is to merge quality with creativity in the most productive manner. Designdepart has built its foundation to present a 360 service package to let people visualize their brands on their screens.

Our Purpose

Merge creativity with quality in the most productive with to let the brands be born and built.


Targeting companies ranging from any industry to bring them onboard to our branding services and hop forward with their journeys.


Motivating both employees and customers to build a story together in order to help them shine in the competitive crowd.


Catering to every detail and demand of our customers to carry on our client-centric approach in order to brand their companies for them.

Meet The Team

Jim Pedicone

Chief of Staff

Jim Pedicone

Chief of Staff

Jim Pedicone

Chief of Staff

Jim Pedicone

Chief of Staff

Jim Pedicone

Chief of Staff

Jim Pedicone

Chief of Staff

Meet Our Designer Of The Month

Mikhail has far too many good attributes, and what makes him stand out is his balanced approach in everything. His constant pursuit of learning actuates innovativeness, and his commitment to his role breeds a team with the same vision and values.

- Jhon Doe

Graphic Designer

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