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The $1 graphic design program supporting nonprofits serving under-represented communities

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For Nonprofits

This program is our way of saying thank you to those dedicated to bettering the lives of others. We want to be a part of your journey by providing our unlimited graphic design membership to you for $1/month. Our designers can create new logos, flyers, marketing materials, ads, reports, and anything else to make you shine.

It’s our commitment to helping those who are making sacrifices to help others. Thank you for everything you’ve done for your community.



Organization must be a registered 501(c3) non-profit

Direct impact

Organization’s mission must directly serve demographic

Proven programs

Currently have on-going programs with proven success

How to apply?

Make sure your organization meet the requirements and are also serving the demographic that we’re passionate about helping. If all checks out, click on the “Apply now” button to begin.

  • We're passionate about helping

  • Students
  • Immigrants
  • Struggling mothers

A message from Hopeworks

...we admire the work of the company[designdepart], not just delivering products, but helping to change communities.

- John Smith
Executive Director, Hopeworks

Accepted organizations will receive...

Unlimited graphic design

Submit as many design projects as your non-profit needs and let designdepart take care of the rest.

Quality designs

Work with the top 2% of vetted graphic designers capable of taking on any design.

Day & night

Always have a designer available to ensure you meet deadlines.


Once you are a member of Community Unlimited, you will only pay $1 every month for the time you are using designdepart.

Fast turnaround

Dependable designers work on your projects daily with 24 - 48 hrs turnaround on most projects.

Ownership of files

You have 100% ownership of all original source files created for your project.

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