I know, it seems like we do everything!

We do a lot! However, here’s a list of things we don’t do.

Below are a list of features we don’t offer at this point in time!
If you don’t see a feature listed here there’s a chance that we do offer it, so we recommend getting in contact with us by clicking here 
Is there a service you wish we offered which isn’t on this list?
Let us know!

What our support team won’t do

Transcribing videos into tasks  Up Vote

Transcribing audio into tasks  Up Vote

Marketing consulting  Up Vote

Phone support  Up Vote

IT Tech support  Up Vote

Admin data entry  Up Vote

Virtual assistant based work  Up Vote

Copywriting  Up Vote

Consulting  Up Vote

However if you see something you wish for us to offer below, you can always feature request it by clicking ‘upvote’, we’re always introducing new features into our plans, and your vote matters! 
You’ll also be notified of if we decide there’s enough votes to introduce this feature

What our Design team won’t do

Image tweaking  Up Vote

Designs or modifications to word documents  Up Vote

Photo restoration  Up Vote

Trademarking  Up Vote

Email application support  Up Vote

Photography  Up Vote

Video editing  Up Vote

Animation  Up Vote

Cartoons  Up Vote

Illustrations  Up Vote

Mascot designs  Up Vote

Same day turnarounds  Up Vote

What our Web Design team won’t do

Development (Coming soon)  Up Vote

Same day turnarounds  Up Vote

Everything in Design teams dont’s.  Up Vote